Questionnaire For Back Office Executive

Questionnaire for Back Office Executive

  1. There is an opening for Back Office Executive for one of our valuable client .Are you interested for the position?
  2. The Job Location is in Central Kolkata, West Bengal 700001. How long will it take to reach from your place?
  3. Your job responsibilities include:
  • Processing
  • Data Management
  • Market Research
  • Analysis
  1. What is your highest educational qualification?
  2. Do you have any work experience? If yes, then for how many months / years?
  3. What was your last drawn salary?
  4. The offered salary Is Rs 10,000- 15,000 per month. Are you comfortable with it?
  5. Working hours is 10.00am to 06.00pm. Are you comfortable?
  6. In the next 6 months, do you have any plan to take a leave more than three days at a stretch? Any study leave or pre planned occasion or vacation?
  7. You will get call from the client within next 3 days – You need to pick up the call & speak confidently as you are speaking to me now. What will be the best time to contact you?
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